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  • Craig Streiff, How Forensics Help
    With the amount of cyber fraud rising exponentially, the need for forensic accountants is greater today than ever before. Learn where we help.

  • Daniel Williams, Data Breach by the Numbers
    As of 2015, nearly every American has been at the end of the phone call, email or letter informing them that their personal or financial information has been exposed as part of a data breach. What is less commonly known is the frequency and expense associated with these breaches to corporations and organizations.

  • From end users to corporate servers, simple VPN networks to MPLS networks, cyber security today depends on passwords. Do you have a hard time keeping track of them all?

  • Peter Hagen, Cyber Risk
    Cyber Risk insurance premiums in the U.S. have grown from $600k in 2010 to an estimated $2.4 billion in 2015. Co-Founding Partner and CEO Peter Hagen describes the quickly growing Cyber insurance market.

  • HSNO Asbestos Services: Your Best Choice for Efficient and Economical Service.

  • HSNO Insurance Services: Your economic response team when disruption or catastrophe strikes.

  • HSNO Legal Services: Economic Expertise That Helps You in the Conference Room and the Court Room.

  • We are not your ordinary accountants. We pair financial acumen with investigative insight to calculate economic and financial loss.

  • HSNO professionals have calculated approximately 50 different loss of profits related to oil refineries in the United States. HSNO clients are primarily law firms and commercial insurance carriers, and have also been retained by refineries as expert witnesses related to financial damages in subrogation cases.

  • HSNO professionals have calculated hundreds of loss of profits related to power generation facilities in the United States. HSNO clients are typically insurance carriers, independent adjusting firms and attorneys dealing in the power generation industry.

  • Business Interruption Coverage

  • Construction Damage Claims. Economic Expertise That Helps You in the Conference Room and the Court Room

  • Cyber Breach Claims. Economic Expertise Quantifying Financial Damages Related to Cyber Breaches

  • The Evolution of Cyber

  • Cyber Policy Wording

  • Cyber vs Property Policy

  • Learn to Calculate BI Losses Resulting from Cyber Fraud. Peter Hagen, CEO and Managing Partner of HSNO, provides a clear guide for understanding the complexities of tomorrow's insurance landscape and the impact Cyber Policies will have on calculating business interruption losses.