Since 1973, HSNO has provided premier service for corporate clients leveraging our financial platform of investigative accounting and technology support. Our work is accurate, in depth and always timely, keeping our clients ahead of the game to deliver financial evidence during transactions, litigation, disputes and resolutions. Delivering the right numbers in the right time is our main goal.

The corporate and accounting systems that support the lifecycle of a business can be complex. Whether a firm is in the initial stages, priming itself for financing, or is experiencing growth and a possible transfer of ownership, the aid of a forensics team will ensure accuracy, accountability and insight into all key business decisions.

As such, working with a firm skilled in the area of forensics is critical. The expertise and knowledge HSNO’s team offers clients is unparalleled in the industry. With massive experience across business sectors, we have seen our share of challenges and discovered solutions to them all. We know how to unearth the data our clients need. Hours are no longer wasted in pursuit of irrelevant information; our team becomes your firm’s experts so you can focus on your main priorities.

The HSNO process is streamlined. We look through financial statements and corporate budgets, interview key stakeholders, and review policies and procedures to collect the best data and evidence for our clients’ cases. All findings are delivered in easily digestible reports that have been proofed to reflect no errors.

HSNO’s professionals reach across the globe, providing services to clients from our United States and United Kingdom offices. Our staff is fluent in multiple languages and considered experts in their field. Driven by a hard work ethic, our team enjoys solving tough problems and reaching prime solutions on behalf of our clients.

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