Shareholder Disputes


As a leading firm in forensic accounting, consulting and technology, HSNO offers corporate clients a variety of services including financial and accounting support during shareholder disputes. Conflict among shareholders often leads to legal action and it’s in this place where a firm relies upon the knowledge and expertise of forensic accountants to sort out the details. HSNO’s qualified professionals carry the financial acumen and experience to resolve shareholder disputes quickly and fairly.

Shareholder disputes often arise during disagreement over the value of shareholders’ shares. The court calls for a business valuation and HSNO steps in to offer an independent analysis of the firm. However, shareholder disputes can get even more complex where the necessity of a forensic accountant is especially needed. Some examples include a partner feeling excluded from important decisions, the presence of deceptive practices or not paying distributions.

When clients leverage HSNO’s accounting and litigation knowledge we skillfully compile and analyze financial and employee records as well as interview all parties involved. Ultimately, we provide evidence for court proceedings to present an accurate picture of current operations and determine fair distribution of shareholder benefits. We bring clarity out of the ambiguity. Sample areas of contribution include calculating the value of excessive compensation of fraudulent actions as well as consulting shareholder contracts or analyzing financial records.