Economic Services


HSNO has a team of qualified and experienced forensic accountants that provide in-depth economic services for clients who have any perceived threat or litigation issue.  Forensic economics involves any situation where damages or losses must be calculated based on economic principles.  In matters where the damages or losses will bring you to court, our forensic accountants can provide accurate and crucial evidence for your case.

Forensic economics is a scientific study that utilizes the economic schools of thought to determine the monetary value of damages or losses as set forth by laws and legislation.  Forensic economics would be applied to cases involving damage liability claims and economic damages involving both personal and commercial litigation.  It is our job to determine and calculate the actual monetary value of these losses and provide evidence to support our findings.

Our services assist lawyers and insurance companies who need to determine what the monetary value would be in cases in which loss of life or limb or business failures is involved.  Many factors go into this decision and our forensic accountants are trained to make accurate decisions based on evidence.  Precise data analysis allows us to accurately resolve all of our cases by determining who is at fault and to what extent.  This training allows us to assist with wrongful death cases and personal injury suits.  We will determine financial loss and often uncover crucial pieces of evidence in the process.

By understanding opposing claims and the factual evidence at hand, HSNO is here to help you create clear and concise reports to take before a judge to prove your case.  Forensic economics can win your case, and it is important to have experienced and reputable forensic accountants on your side to fight for you.  HSNO is here to do the fighting for you when it comes to providing crucial documentation for your case.