money backgroundAntitrust laws promote free competition in trade for the benefit of the consumer. Healthy competition leads to lower prices and higher quality products and services. And with antitrust laws in place, there is a check against the formation of monopolies. Today, there are three main laws: the Sherman Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Clayton Act. All three are federal laws. There are also state antitrust laws that are enforced on a state level.

HSNO’s forensic accountants are uniquely qualified to assist in antitrust disputes. Called upon by lawyers or the court, they use their accounting and investigative skills to determine if there is liability under the antitrust law. With a host of financial data to identify, analyze and communicate, a forensic accountant is able to determine the presence of predatory pricing or the economic damages suffered as a result of a violation of an antitrust law. Our familiarity with accounting procedures and systems gives us insight into discovering the answers and communicating the complex data for all parties to understand.

Our professionals are located in offices across the United States and United Kingdom. They have established strong reputations and relationships in many industries and are recognized as top experts and thought leaders in their field. In total, our team members have an average of 15 years of professional experience. Whether a client needs financial and data analysis, review of relevant economic issues, expert witness testimony, or evidence gathering and administrative support, HSNO accountants are readily available to deliver fair, accurate and thoroughly investigated evaluations.

HSNO was founded in 1973 and has continued to grow its range of capabilities. Company-wide we have received many accolades, including an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as awarded Accounting Today’s Top 100 Firms since 2008. We recognize the importance of client privacy and strictly adhere to the Safe Harbor Privacy Policy for all personal information transferred from the European Union to the United States.