Political Risk

easy business managementThe international political landscape is always uncertain. Even though we’d like to deny it, the politics and governments of other countries do affect our economy, and the opposite is true as well: what we do affects other countries’ economies. The bottom line is this: maybe you see a business opportunity that you can’t pass up in another country. That’s great. We’re all about taking risks to grow your business (you wouldn’t have a business if you didn’t take a risk in the first place), but you might encounter riots, persecution, legal entanglements, or violent political upheavals in other countries. When a touchy domestic or international event prompts a political risk policy, the knowledgeable professionals at HSNO will work through everything with the loss adjuster and legal team to analyze the loss of profits or any obstacles to a robust ROI.

Many companies come to HSNO because they want to understand the role of their political risk policy. Whether you are a financial institution, multinational corporation, project developer, or infrastructure developer, it is important that you recognize how your coverage corresponds with your current situation. At HSNO we can even analyze your previous transactions one-by-one to make sure everything is disclosed. The information we assess will be helpful so you can make informed decisions.

In order to evaluate your political risk policy, our team will review previous market conditions and make future projections. We also analyze the assets owned by the investor and reference domestic and international law. The goal is to analyze the contractual relationships of the companies and people involved in order to create a comprehensive document that highlights the total loss of profits. This is important because you will not be able to quantify a claim without it.

At HSNO we evaluate the political risk policy that is currently in place.  Many companies are unaware of the scope of the coverage that is already included in their policy. The thorough analysis by HSNO is helpful because the small print and exclusion clauses in policies are often overlooked.