Product Liability

Macro view of barcodeOftentimes in business, it may be necessary stop the production of a product or return merchandise to its manufacturer. In situations such as these, HSNO’s experienced team of forensic accountants can assist you as you determine an impartial and realistic calculation of physical damages, extra costs, lost profits, and recall and rehabilitation costs.  At HSNO we calculate all expenses right away because we are committed to avoiding corporate negligence and preserving your company name.

At HSNO we have many different ways to help you through the product liability and recall experience.  The first thing we do is categorize, control and sort through all of your expenses. We want to make sure that we are aware of where your money comes from and where it goes so that all of your funds are accurately allocated. Once we have a general assessment of your assets we will provide you with recurrent status updates and reports. These documents will quantify lost profits and scrutinize additional costs to get rid of them and streamline your income. Our main priority is to establish sharp accounting evaluation practices and in order to do so we will evaluate any loss of market share and monitor the recall and rehabilitation procedure.

The staff at HSNO is set apart from the rest because in addition to reviewing your past financial processes, we also assist with on-site examination and observe your inventory. This is helpful because it allows us the ability to monitor information flow so we can monitor expenditures and calculate damages.

At HSNO we understand that a compulsory recall may be overwhelming for you.  However, our experts have worked with a wide range of industries including medical, pharmaceutical, and chemical and distribution industries. Since our experience is so vast we rely on our experts in accounting, technology, and consulting to best meet the needs in your individual situation.