Extra-ExpenseHSNO’s forensic accountants combine accounting expertise, investigative skills, and familiarity with insurance claims to offer considerable aid in managing property insurance claims. Our team has the depth and breadth of experience necessary to investigate financial records and prepare accounting reports based on our financial findings for court testimony in insurance claims cases. HSNO has built a strong reputation in the industry and remains a leader in forensic accounting services.

There are many different kinds of property insurance that HSNO provides forensic accounting services for, one being extra expense cases. Through extra expense coverage, a firm can recover the costs incurred while trying to mitigate a loss of business income. The expenses are extra because they would not have been incurred if no interruption happened. In order to determine if the policyholder’s coverage claims certain costs, the policyholder must prove that the extra expenses actually helped in lessening the impact of the loss in business income or shortened the period to recovery. HSNO’s qualified team of forensic accountants tackle claims for extra expenses by analyzing and reviewing the policy and determining the validity in an extra expense case. Our scope of services include:

  • Verify incurred expenses
  • Analyze financial data to determine extraordinary expenses
  • Identify and measure non-continuing portion of expenses
  • Separate expenses paid during both the loss period and other periods
  • Identify reasons expenses could have increased apart from the loss event
  • Perform financial investigation to determine if extra expenses helped reduce the loss

Our accountants are tenured. They bring decades of experience analyzing a variety of claims issues. We provide a big picture perspective, considering all facets of the insurance claims process. We also provide detailed analysis of all financial documents and data related to measuring loss. Through well-supported recommendations and insight, we help our clients arrive at a fair claim settlement.

As dedicated forensic accountants, our team solely focuses on investigative accounting projects. This frees up our time to take on high volumes of claims cases at any time of the year because we do not perform audits or prepare tax returns, like many typical accounting firms. In addition, many of our professionals are fluent in foreign languages and have distinguished national and international reputations. Every claim will be handled by a partner or manager who is a Certified Public Accountant directly involved and engaged in your case.

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