Income Protection

BusinessmanA forensic accountant plays a pivotal role during the recovery of an insurance claim. For all parties involved, the contribution of a forensic accountant is crucial. One area where HSNO professionals are equipped to help insurers is in determining the value of an individual’s income and earnings. This is particularly helpful when reviewing and quantifying various life and disability claims.

In order to quantify income and earnings, HSNO professionals look at many different sources and always make sure the definition of income is compliant with the insurance policy. We often assist in the quantification of income and earnings resulting from a variety of sources, including employed or self-employed earnings and different corporate structures.

HSNO corporate structure eliminates excess working, resulting in efficient use of resources for our clients and top-notch results. With a team of accountants specifically dedicated to forensic accounting, HSNO is ready and able to provide claim support at any point during the year.