overpricingClass action lawsuits occur when a group of parties who do not have sufficient economic incentive to sue on their own join together to sue as representatives of a larger class. Complaints of overpricing is a typical situation that falls under class action lawsuits and is a common context in which HSNO provides financial and accounting services.

On occasion companies or retailers come under legal attack for overcharging consumers. This occurs when commodities like rent or groceries are inflated in price. The type of overpriced goods or services varies. In order to protect the consumer, and guarantee they get what they pay for, class action lawsuits are often considered. Under these circumstances, consumers can join a class action suit in hopes of retrieving their lost income and preventing further improper business conduct.

HSNO provides expert financial and accounting services for both sides of this legal debate. The company that tries to defend itself against the class action lawsuit may hire a forensic accountant to prove their innocence; or conversely, the class action may also hire a forensic accountant to trace the money trail in order to determine validity in their claim.

Our team of forensic specialists evaluates all financial statements to provide accurate and relevant information in court. All reports are straightforward, thorough and unbiased. Eliciting the help of a forensic team with the many years of experience like HSNO helps clients support their arguments with solid financial fact. This is what truly stands in court.

On top of the facts, HSNO always provides preeminent customer service. Accountants are fast, efficient and diligent on all cases, and always ensure regular communication and updates with the client. Class action lawsuits have a lot of interests on the line. HSNO takes this seriously and wants to ensure the result is fair to all parties involved.

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