HSNO’s team of forensic accountants is ready to research and analyze evidence pertaining to your commercial litigation proceeding. Not only does our team work hard to review relevant data, but they also research to find evidence that you might not even know exists and serve to testify as expert witnesses in court.


As forensic accountants, we research and analyze disputes for clients and testify for them as expert witnesses before the United States Supreme Court, and the U.S. Courts of Appeal, as well as most U.S. State Courts, and more than 30 U.S. District Courts. In addition, we serve clients in litigation in Asia and Europe, as well as international arbitration.

As forensic accountants, we are regarded for contributing significant evidence that leads to winning cases. In important business disputes, we are reliable investigators for our clients. We present our findings in court in the most professional and simplest way possible.

We also offer the combination of legal insight, courtroom experience, industry knowledge, and practical business sense needed to help our clients prevail in the cases that are most critical to their businesses.

HSNO is a leading, internationally recognized accounting and consulting firm, focused on forensic accounting and technology, as well as investigation services, and litigation support. Our professionals have a wide range of experience, which includes financial analysis, evidence gathering, evaluation of related economic issues, administrative support and expert witness testimony.

We pride ourselves on prompt service, as our staff is available on short notice. We are not tax accountants, and therefore are available any time throughout the year. All employees follow strict professional standards promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants or other nationally recognized certifying or accrediting organizations.

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