Businessman showing a documentContractual disputes can arise when the people involved in a contract do not stand by their original agreements.  Disputes over contracts are bound to happen, and if handled poorly, disagreements over the terms of a contract can cause irreversible harm to existing relationships.  If you have a contractual dispute, using a forensic accountant can save you a lot of valuable time.

Here at HSNO, our forensic accountants can help in the process of collecting and analyzing evidence for contractual disputes that involve financial matters.

Some examples of contractual disputes:

  • Contracts to buy a business
  • Landlord/tenant disagreements
  • Conflicts between business partners
  • Accusations of breach of contracts

When contract performance is breached, attorneys turn to HSNO to determine the loss sustained by the non-breaching party.  We are skilled in developing financial damage models that reflect the economic impact of nonperformance—measured either by the expectations of the parties to the contract, or as defined by the contract.  We assist attorneys in arriving at and supporting these numbers in alternative dispute resolution, in settlement, or in court.

HSNO’s forensic accountants work hard to help attorneys in collecting and analyzing data.  At HSNO, we also document and report on all of the essential financial information necessary in order to ensure our clients get the most reasonable outcome.

Our team of forensic accountants will take the time to understand the environment in which your business operates, and will work hard to investigate all the details.  Often times, our forensic accountants will find evidence that clients did not even know was there.  We are not only accountants, but trained investigators as well. It is our top priority to research all possible avenues, and provide the evidence to settle your case.  We are also trained, expert witnesses that will testify in court, and explain any evidence necessary to a judge and jury.  Our goal is to stop any further risks and disruption to your life.

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