Construction Claims

Interior framing of a new house under constructionIt’s hard enough to organize a building project, but things can become even more challenging when you have to manage finances for the construction crew, laborers, and design team as well. Oftentimes for one project there are also a host of surveyors, planning consultants and civil engineers to consider in addition to your own employees. Our experienced forensic accountants understand that you’ve come to us because your plate is full; therefore we ensure that your financial records remain clear and accurate. The construction industry is a fast-paced business and there are many unexpected elements that can upset the schedule of a project.

Should a construction project head towards litigation, HSNO can bring clarity to the myriad of trades, timelines, and costs needed to quantify damages. There are complex issues in institutional, heavy civil, multi-family or health care construction that require experts with specific industry knowledge. A major problem that comes up in construction projects is cash flow.  When the cost for labor does not correspond with the amount of funding, disputes can arise about the best way to balance the budget. Other things that often create tension are construction completion schedules or land disputes. Sometimes there are even issues that arise between contractor and subcontractor agreements and supplier contracts. All of these details must be documented accurately to make sure your overall financial condition remains profitable.

The most popular construction in the United States is wood framed construction. However, a construction manager might discover alternative, more energy efficient materials that will cut down on waste and implement these changes mid-project. This can be incredibly confusing for the bookkeeper, who isn’t out on the job, but rather in the office getting this information. There are a plethora of documents involved and they are often lengthy.

The team of forensic accountants at HSNO will help you assemble your documents in a timely and orderly fashion. In order to accomplish this task, our capable forensic accountants create a detailed financial tracking system that is unique to your business. We present this in the form of graphs, spreadsheets, and whatever else you need to make sense of it. However, we don’t just conduct our research and then email you all of the information. To ensure that you understand our findings, our forensic accountant will sit down and go over everything with you, answering any questions you may have and addressing any concerns. We assure you that your finances will be in tip-top shape when we’re done with them!