Family Law

parents and childrenWhen you are in the middle of a divorce,  you need a thorough and accurate account of all of your income and assets—marital, separate and communal. At HSNO our experienced team of forensic accountants will identify and value everything that belongs to you (and your children, if applicable). HSNO is committed to providing you with the most precise account of your assets, cash flow, and capital. When business ownership is a part of your family law case we will also conduct a thorough business assessment. We evaluate your business’s profit goals and market share objectives and then we make sure that your current financial bookkeeping is concrete and measurable.

At HSNO we are fully aware that family issues are usually the most sensitive and can cause you the most emotional distress. HSNO wants to ensure that despite the chaos in your personal life, your financial house remains in order.  The team at HSNO has experience with alimony, annulment, divorce, property settlements, juvenile adjudication, and countless other divorce related financial concerns.

The first step for our talented team of forensic accountants is to review all of your financial transactions and conduct a lifestyle analysis. Where it is applicable we will assemble your documents chronologically, by property type, and then by type or subject. We will also assist any legal professionals that are preparing documents that will establish, modify or terminate any cash flow. We want you to know where your assets are at any given time.

Our experienced and detail-oriented forensic accountants offer our clients their expertise, experience, and most importantly, compassionThat’s why we treat our clients with the utmost respect, no matter the situation. We aim to make any financial distress easy to navigate for all involved parties.