Business woman putting dollar.Within the scope of fraud investigations, HSNO often provides forensic accounting services for embezzlement cases. From financial data to financial integrity analysis, written reports and testifying as expert witnesses, the presence of a forensic accountant during embezzlement cases is crucial. Clients rely upon HSNO to deliver reliable and defensible evidence for court proceedings.

Embezzlement cases often result in the misappropriation of goods or money. Commonly, employees find ways to commit fraudulent activity and steal from their employers. Whether the scheme is stealing small amounts over a long period of time, or stealing a large amount of money at one time, it is in your best interest to hire a forensic accountant to investigate the fraud and quantify the magnitude of the crime. When these situations arise, it is in the best interest for a firm to hire a forensic accountant to investigate the potential fraud and determine the financial implications.

Because the truth is of great importance in embezzlement cases, HSNO works diligently to acquire all pertinent information when fraud is suspected. We look for irregularities or abnormalities—anything that seems strange. Essentially, we become financial detectives.

This process includes analyzing financial data and interviewing key stakeholders for each corresponding case. Our state-of-the-art technology reveals any inconsistencies and helps direct us to possible areas where fraud occurred. We gather all this information to confirm if fraud did in fact take place, and if so, to what economic proportion. From there, HSNO accountants are able to provide testimony in court and support our evidence with reports or visual presentations.

HSNO’s team of accountants and consultants are dedicated to the forensic field. We are well acquainted with all legal procedures, helping our clients navigate the legal process more easily. And we are able to provide dependable recommendations based upon an impressive track record of past successes. Resolving our client’s disputes is of top priority and that’s why we go to great lengths to fully understand the needs of each situation.

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