Insurance Litigation

insurance claim form

The experienced professionals at HSNO know that from time to time, major issues about insurance coverage matters come up, and it is in your best interest to compile the data that is most beneficial for your case. Our team will assemble financial expert witness testimony to assist the legal professionals with whom you are working. We specialize in insurance and reinsurance issues. Additionally, we work with businesses that are in the middle of dispute-resolution procedures, including litigation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. We know that if you have the opportunity to see your current financial condition it may change the strategy you use when you go to court.

Our experience working with commercial claims gives our professionals valuable insight to the world of insurance litigation. It doesn’t matter if it is product-general liability coverage, or complex insurance-related litigation; we are there to walk your team through the entire process. We put together industry-relevant reports that show you the current financial condition of your company.

At HSNO, the experienced professionals on our team have been involved with professional malpractice claims for insurance brokers and accountants, construction claims, health insurance claims, annuities, and insurance company-issued investment products. It doesn’t matter what type of dispute you’re facing, we will step in with knowledge, experience, and patience until you get the information you need.