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Five Reasons To Hire A Forensic Accounting Firm

Five Reasons to Hire a Forensic Accounting Firm

Forensic accountants work at the intersection of the law and accounting. Whenever a legal controversy raises complex financial questions, forensic accountants step in to uncover hard, reliable facts that can form the foundation of legally meaningful actions. Supporting discovery in litigation is just one of many contexts where the work we do can make a big difference for clients.

Clients rely on forensic accountants to reach conclusions that are accurate, reliable and durable. Firms like HSNO ensure accuracy by continuously upholding the highest professional standards. Applying time-tested analytical methods is essential to producing results that managers, litigators, regulators, and courts can depend upon when making important decisions. Every step of the process must be meticulously documented and tested so it can be used with confidence in an adversarial setting.

There are a number of circumstances where clients can benefit from working with a forensic accountant, specifically when financial information will underpin significant choices or shape critical arguments. Here are five reasons to hire a forensic accounting firm:

  • Litigation.
    Forensic accountants provide litigators with a wide range of expertise on financial matters, helping them identify crucial pieces of evidence and providing expert testimony to help judges and juries follow the accounting thread. Helping clients calculate economic damages is one of our core services.
  • Insurance claims.
    Supporting complex insurance claims with thorough and verifiable evaluations reduces the likelihood that claims will be denied and provides a robust foundation for disputes should they arise. Forensic accountants work with clients to compile complete assessments of damages, from physical losses to lost future income, business interruption, and other more abstract forms of loss.
  • Contract disputes.
    Forensic accountants often help clients analyze commercial transactions to verify compliance with contract terms. Our analysis helps clients form strong arguments in cases involving warranty claims, performance disputes, licensing fees, and other significant commercial matters.
  • Internal investigations.
    Businesses with concerns about potential wrongdoing by employees can rely upon a forensic accountant to examine records and uncover fraud, embezzlement, and other financial malfeasance. In conducting such investigations, we not only assist clients with uncovering bad behavior, we also produce evidence that can be used to pursue legal action against wrongdoers.
  • Inheritance disputes.
    When heirs to high net worth individuals have questions about how property is being divided by the estate, a forensic accountant can help sort through the often-complex layers of information to reach a fair and comprehensive solution.

HSNO is an internationally recognized forensic accounting firm with over four decades of history in helping clients reach better outcomes. We offer a full range of services with a commitment to giving each client the comprehensive attention they expect and deserve. Call us today to find out how we can help you.