Gas Platform Or Rig Platform In Sunset Or Sunrise Time.

HSNO Adds Energy Tab to Website

As a service to our clients with interests in the energy industry, HSNO has added a new Energy Module Tab to its website (Click “Services” then “Energy”). Under the Energy Tab, the following is included:

Additional articles regarding the energy industry, which are authored by HSNO partners, will be published periodically. This information is intended to be a tool for both the insurance industry and attorneys that handle energy cases. The spreads could be helpful in developing values (underwriters), reserves (adjusters) and benchmarks for litigation cases.

Our clients rely upon our experience and skill in evaluating damage claims in the energy industry. Our forensic accountants involved in our energy practice have evaluated hundreds of property damage and business interruption loss claims in the energy industry, with claims totaling in excess of two billion dollars. Claims evaluated include claims made under insurance policies and in litigation cases.