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HSNO Is Ready To Help Clients Respond To The California Fire Disasters

HSNO Is Ready to Help Clients Respond to the California Fire Disasters


As a California-based firm, HSNO is especially heartbroken by the plight of families and businesses affected by the terrible fires that are ravaging our state. The Camp Fire in northern California is already the deadliest fire in the state’s history. Last year’s Thomas fire and this year’s Mendocino Complex fires set records for the largest area burned. The recovery process from these fires is expected to be long and difficult.

Our teams are standing by to assist clients with damages assessments and insurance claims calculations in the wake of fire disasters. HSNO has a long history of helping insurers examine claims brought following major disasters. On short notice, we can deploy teams of professionals to wherever our clients need them, including to the disaster site itself.

We have honed our process over decades of work supporting recovery efforts after major events like Hurricanes Katrina and Harvey. Large fires can cause massive losses that require careful reconstruction of not only infrastructure and inventory but also of critical records. A forensic accounting firm can help businesses piece together the data needed to understand the full scope of losses. We know how to track down reliable information that can be used to reconstruct records even when a disaster appears to have wiped the slate clean. We also understand the nuances of insurance policies, so clients can rely on us to get the analysis done accurately and with appropriate regard for the intricacies of coverage involved.

The people and businesses affected by major disasters are often scrambling to pick up the pieces. Insurers are often under significant pressure from their clients to assess claims quickly. In this stressful context, having an experienced team of forensic accountants on hand to assist with the work can bring relief to everyone involved. If your firm needs assistance with fire-related work, please reach out to HSNO today.