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HSNO Is Standing By To Support Claims Related To Hurricane Lane

HSNO is Standing by to Support Claims Related to Hurricane Lane

Contact 877-367-4766 for immediate assistance. 

HSNO has deep experience supporting clients with insurance claims following natural disasters the world over, including hurricanes. Our team of forensic accountants is standing by to provide support to clients who need rapid, expert support calculating their hurricane-related losses.

We anticipate a high volume of insurance claims in the storm’s aftermath. As of now, the National Weather Service downgraded Hurricane Lane to a Category 3 storm. Although the lower wind speeds reduce the risk of wind-related damage, the storm has brought massive rain, destructive surf, and flooding throughout Hawaii.

Businesses that have been affected by Lane will need help compiling reliable information for submitting insurance claims. A robust claim requires accurate assessments of lost earnings, as well as expenses related to business interruption and physical damage. With claims volumes expected to be high, quickly submitting a claim should be a top priority.

Since Hurricane Katrina in 2002, HSNO has rolled up its sleeves to give clients fast, dedicated service following major disasters. In 2017 we helped many clients get back on their feet following Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. We leverage this deep experience with more than 40 years of practice helping clients to calculate their business losses. Our team understands how to efficiently take stock of all the ways a storm has damaged a client’s business. Reducing a storm’s damage to reliable, testable numbers requires a careful analysis of the storm’s impact, both at the client’s location and at other businesses the client relies upon.

HSNO is standing by to help clients who have been affected by Hurricane Lane. We are ready to deploy teams of forensic accountants to wherever they are needed. We hope everyone in Hurricane Lane’s path is able to find safe shelter while the storm passes. For immediate assistance, please contact us at 877-367-4766.