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HSNO Stands Ready To Serve Clients Affected By Hurricane Michael

HSNO Stands Ready to Serve Clients Affected by Hurricane Michael


The devastation caused by Hurricane Michael is breathtaking in scope. We anticipate that, as with other major storms, the insurance industry will be under significant pressure to process hurricane-related claims. HSNO has been busy preparing its disaster response teams and is standing by to help clients confidently, accurately, and quickly calculate their losses from business interruption, damage to infrastructure, and lost inventory to get ahead of the insurance claims rush.

HSNO has broad expertise in helping clients recover from hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 sparked a dramatic expansion of our capabilities around major storm events. Since then we have worked tirelessly to stay at the forefront of readiness, and with each major storm, we have expanded and refined our capabilities. This practice is a core part of what HSNO does—our teams hit the ground running.

HSNO’s capabilities in this area are both technical and practical. Clients use our Cost Accumulation Tracking System (C|A|T|S™) to develop a database of documentation and access our analysis 24-hours a day. Our teams have worked throughout the country and stand ready to travel to where clients need them. Once we’re on the ground, we take the burden of damages assessment off the clients’ shoulders, so clients can focus on all the other important work that goes into recovering from a disaster and getting back to business. We take stock of physical damage, help clients accumulate the documentation they’ll need for their claims, and perform the underlying analysis that’s needed to quantify losses.

As the consequences of Hurricane Michael come into focus our thoughts are with the communities that have been and continue to be affected. To get in touch with an HSNO professional, please visit our contact page.