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Hurricane Odile Claims

Hurricane Odile Claims

At HSNO we understand your needs when a catastrophe hits. We respond with lightning speed and decades of experience to begin work on your claim immediately. We offer specialized technology utilizing our cost accumulation tracking system (CATS) which allows you and your insureds to upload documents 24 hours a day and offers you the same unlimited access to our analyses.

HSNO’s international locations, as well as our fast mobilization to disaster sites around the world, allow us to provide assistance you want exactly when you need it so you can continue providing your clients with the service they’ve come to expect. We will send a dedicated team to work with you to quantify losses from business interruption and damage inventory to total valuation.

With several Spanish speaking CPAs and the ability to respond immediately to your most urgent needs, HSNO is here to help with your Baja California claims.

Our Latin American office and two Southern California offices uniquely position us to provide fast and reliable assistance for all of your claims.

Over the past 40 years we have worked on thousands of assignments, covering losses in some of the most devastating catastrophes including:

  • Hurricane Sandy, Eastern Seaboard
  • Hurricane Issac, Gulf Coast
  • BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill, Gulf Coast
  • Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, Japan
  • Hurricane Ike, Gulf Coast
  • Hurricane Katrina, Gulf Coast
  • Hurricane Rita, Gulf Coast
  • Hurricane Wilma, Atlantic Basin
  • Loma Prieta Earthquake, California
  • Northridge Earthquake, California
  • Kobe Earthquake, Japan