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Joseph Wheat Assumes The Role Of Chief Operating Officer At HSNO

Joseph Wheat Assumes the Role of Chief Operating Officer at HSNO

We are proud to announce that HSNO partner, Joseph Wheat, has assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) for HSNO.

Having officially started this position on June 1, 2018, Wheat’s position as COO is instrumental to our company’s success. In this role, he is responsible for carrying out the strategies and decisions that the company’s executive committee make. Wheat also oversees all the financial aspects of the firm, from day-to-day accounting activities to long-term financial planning.

“As Chief Operating Officer, I look forward to strategizing and implementing new ways to better serve clients and keep our business growing for many years to come,” said Wheat.

Having been with HSNO for 25 years, Wheat started as a staff accountant and from there has worked as a senior accountant, manager, senior manager, and is now a partner along with holding the position as COO.

As a forensic accountant, Wheat has worked in multiple sectors including but not limited to: asset tracings, matrimonial dissolutions, aerospace, computer microchips, construction, energy, finance, medical, restaurant, and retail operations. He also has testifying experience for cases that include lost profits, business valuation, projections of cash flow, and construction defect.

“No matter who is at the helm, the end goal of HSNO is to make sure that we provide quality, detailed services for our valued clients,” said Christopher Money, partner and former COO for the company. “I have no doubt that Wheat will continue to do just that, and I am excited to hand over this position.”

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