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HSNO is a firm of Certified Public Accountants dedicated to providing superior service and delivering accurate reports for our clients.

But we are more than accountants. We are financial investigators, looking beyond complex numbers to uncover trends, abnormalities or missing information. In today’s evolving world, clients from the corporate world to the public sector hire HSNO’s forensic accountants to assist in a variety of litigation issues.

While each case is unique there are general steps we follow in every scenario. HSNO retrieves relevant financial and accounting data to create the foundation of our evidentiary support. This may mean looking through bank statements, income statements or other financial data, using the best technology to analyze and interpret the information and explain any holes or surprises. We also interview key management and stakeholders to better understand the financial situation of a company. Then we gather all of our financial and accounting evidence to create solid reports that are easy to understand—much more preferable than the complex numbers where we first began. And when necessary, HSNO professionals are available and trained to provide expert testimony of our findings.

With a specific focus on forensic accounting and consulting, HSNO is staffed by the industry’s top thought leaders. They are equipped with the best forensic technology that guarantees accurate and complete analysis of all data. Our technology platform enhances the data mining process and allows us to search, find and consolidate the appropriate financial evidence for litigation, arbitration and court proceedings.

And, importantly, we love what we do. The challenge of investigating a variety of cases has kept HSNO’s professionals at the forefront of best practices since 1973 when the firm was founded. As we’ve continued to grow so has our range of capabilities. Our commitment to excellence has been supported by many outside voices, including an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a place on Accounting Today’s Top 100 Firms. We look forward to furthering our solid reputation with many more clients in the future.