Bankruptcy has been on the rise in the past decade. Financial difficulty is likely to affect a corporation at some point, whether it’s a result of poor economic conditions or poor business decisions. With an impressive track record of experience, HSNO professionals are apt in bankruptcy and restructuring cases. As top thought leaders and experts in the forensics industry, we investigate, analyze and present findings for bankruptcy court. Our independent evaluations carry a holistic perspective—including not only present and past conditions but also taking into account the future.

Bankruptcy filings are complex. We unravel the facts to find the truth. In every situation we carefully review the financial records in the bankruptcy filing and look for red flags to indicate potential fraud. This could include hidden transactions or assets, preferential transfers or other forms of fraud. From there we further investigate the suspicious activity. We have the unique ability and knowledge to collect the necessary facts to prove or counter a claim. And we leverage our technology platform for accurate data mining, data retrieval and report consolidation. Even more, HSNO professionals provide expert witness testimony in court when necessary.

Selecting a forensic accountant and consultant during bankruptcy proceedings is a critical decision. Trusting in HSNO’s experience and credentials leaves our clients confident in the final outcome. We are familiar with the common fraud tactics used during bankruptcy and how they are perpetrated. The success of the investigation largely hinges on the knowledge of our forensic accountants.

The benefits of working with HSNO are many. Our clients receive the devoted attention of a team of forensic accountants working on their behalf. Time is of the essence on almost every claim. HSNO takes pride in providing immediate response, anywhere in the world. Since the firm does not engage in the preparation of income tax returns or audited financial statements on a recurring basis our staff is available on short notice. Clients can always trust they will be our number one priority.