Business analysisForensic accountants are shouldered with a heavy burden to accurately and quickly detect any fraudulent financial reporting that is under investigation. It is the duty of the forensic accountant to discover the details and intricacies of the fraud and to help explain how to prevent future fraud from occurring. In addition, many financial frauds have been largely publicized in multiple media outlets raising concern in many companies that wonder if the same thing could happen to them. Forensic accountants face even more pressure to come up with the answers to solving these financial crimes when the cases are publicly known or have very little evidence to be discovered. Nevertheless, the forensic accountants at HSNO investigate these frauds and schemes in a timely manner and with extreme accuracy.

When investigating financial reporting, our accountants are successful because they are well versed in many types of fraud scams and have a full understanding of how to detect under/overvalued assets. But our work doesn’t end here. Investigating financial crimes is the primary characteristic of our job, but we also provide corroborating data to show proof of our findings, a written report that contains our findings, and we will go to court as expert witnesses to testify on your behalf detailing the crime that was committed.

Most financial fraud is difficult to spot and requires a professional to uncover the full extent of the crime. We are different from traditional accountants in our ability to investigate. We utilize focused analytical and investigative techniques to root out fraudulent activity within your company’s financial reports and bring to light any anomalies or suspicious transactions. During our investigations, we adhere to the strict guidelines set out for the proper chain of custody regarding important documents and ensure that all evidence is usable in court. We also know how to prepare and be effective on the witness stand when honestly displaying and explaining our findings. Utilizing and scrutinizing financial reports is a key component in being a successful forensic accountant.