man and woman signing contract paperHSNO’s team of forensic accountants excels in conducting complex investigations into accounting procedures that require exact measurement of financial damages. We have extensive experience working with subrogation cases. These types of cases can be very complicated. At HSNO we encourage our clients to utilize our services as soon as possible so that we can leverage our years of insight and cutting-edge technology.

Our forensic specialists assist legal counsel during the discovery stage in a subrogation case. This includes requesting and analyzing financial documents and preparing interview questions for financial witnesses. We also assess matters like inventory loss, physical damages, lost profits, extra expenses and fluctuations in market share.

In addition to offering questions for witness, our professionals often provide testimony on our reports. We approach each case with the greatest amount of care, ensuring our clients that our testimony will be complete, clear and backed by strong financial evidence.

HSNO’s accountants have demonstrated their capability to manage subrogation cases for our clients time after time. Through detailed investigation, accurate reporting and service-oriented follow-up, our clients receive the very best in every situation. Time is of the essence in these cases, and HSNO makes it a top priority to not only deliver great work but also address the time sensitiveness of the case.