HSNO provides a variety of services for our corporate clients, one of them being valuation of different financial components of a business. This includes both tangible and intangible assets, and quantification of future loss profits. In today’s complex business environment, where disputes are becoming more common, corporate clients require the expertise of forensic accountants and consultants to analyze and crunch the numbers—and then provide an accurate and detailed report that will stand as strong evidence in court.

HSNO’s forensic accountants leverage proven strategies in their valuations. During this process, we rely heavily upon our technology platform to access financial data and compile it succinctly. Each time we work with a corporate client, all parties involved agree the involvement of a forensic accountant is pivotal during business valuations. We ensure the proper approach based on the situation.

With over 15 years as the average tenure in the accounting industry, HSNO professionals have the credentials necessary to deliver strong work every time. They are considered thought leaders and experts in the industry and have established connections with clients across all business sectors. Not only are they able to investigate and analyze financial data, but they have the communication skills needed to present findings and evidence in court. This is especially helpful if there is a need to counter. HSNO professionals complete incredibly thorough due diligence in preparation for any curve balls.

Just like our timely analyzing and reporting for insurance claims issues, HSNO professionals provide quick and accurate reviews. We are diligent in asking the right questions and drawing accurate conclusions. Our clients are served by the best forensic accountants in the industry. They are dedicated to these types of cases and, as a result, have ample experience to deliver the best results.

HSNO professionals carry many distinguished accolades, including fluency in foreign languages and international recognition. Every claim will be handled by a partner or manager who is a Certified Public Accountant directly involved and engaged in your case. Our firm strictly abides by professional standards and our staff holds memberships in numerous prominent trade associations.