High Levels of Fraud ConceptUnfortunately, sometimes people deliberately deceive others in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain in business. Depending on the specifics of the case, fraud is considered a civil or a criminal wrong and is punishable by monetary fines and time in prison. The experienced team at HSNO specializes in analyzing and interpreting financial data for fraud, concealment, and misrepresentation cases. We know that your company will completely plummet into financial ruin if you do not address this issue, and present accurate and detailed data in court.

Fraud usually applies to falsely reporting transactions, lying on expense reports, misrepresenting assets or liabilities, destroying business property for insurance money, and countless other unethical behavior. At HSNO, our forensic accounts are committed to uncovering and analyzing the initial dishonest behavior and the reason it was allowed to go on for as long as it did. We want you to be the recipient of the maximum amount of compensation so we perform a thorough analysis of the damage amounts. We spend a lot of time reviewing the cash flow statements, analyzing balance sheets, looking over the income statements, reviewing pricing and costing records, and adjusting journal entries.

The HSNO method examines the affected company’s past financial statement and compares them with similar companies in the industry. From this, we are able to perform a complete evaluation of the company’s financial records. Our team also offers an analysis of the financial period based on common units such as revenues and net positions. Our forensic accountants are always on-site to work with you and answer any questions to ensure that the computer data and reconstruction process is as accurate as possible.

We also focus on prevention. We know that there was some flaw in the system that allowed for the fraud infringement to take place, so we suggest several sophisticated techniques to maintain a high level of security that will preserve your company’s legacy.