Pink piggy bank with a dollar bill in the slotAt HSNO, our forensic accountants investigate any financials of a client that are relevant to uncovering any mismanagement or fraud committed using the client’s funds. We can utilize all documents that the investment manager uses to maintain your portfolio to discover if any fraudulent activity has occurred. Our accountants will analyze financial statements, plan implementation, asset selection, stock selection, and any other monitoring of investments that the manager performs.

Many investments are made as a group investment with multiple client’s assets. In addition, there are many managers who will have access to all accounts within the firm. Because of this, fraud can be difficult to detect and even harder to determine the source. However, this is what our accountants are trained to investigate and uncover. If you suspect that fraud has been committed in any of your or your client’s investments in regards to the way they have been managed, HSNO is well experienced in discovering all of the details of these types of fraud. We are also experienced in presenting this evidence in court as expert witnesses should a trial be necessary to recover your assets.

Fraud on such a large scale can be difficult and tedious to fully uncover, but our firm is dedicated to timeliness, and we understand that fraud needs to be addressed immediately to keep our clients from any more losses than have already been incurred. We will fully investigate your claim of investment mismanagement and stand by you through the entirety of the legal process. HSNO can be trusted to handle all claims requiring a forensic accountant.