LayoffHSNO’s specialty in forensic economics allows us to provide clients with dedicated attention when faced with a legal threat or litigation issue. We apply the principles of economics in our investigation to evaluate and calculate monetary losses or damages. This kind of work is extremely detailed and handled best by professionals with years of experience in the forensic field. Under the wing of economic services, HSNO’s forensic accountants often provide accounting and investigate services for wrongful dismissal cases. In this capacity, HSNO determines the financial impact and economic damages for the parties involved.

Wrongful dismissal claims arise with an employee believes the termination terms were illegal. In many cases, there is a breach of the employment contract outlined in the employee handbook. Wrongful dismissal would occur under any of these circumstances: discrimination, retaliation, and refusal to commit an illegal act or an improper following of the termination procedures by the employer.

HSNO is a trusted partner in these cases, continually delivering reliable and useful data during litigation, and even providing expert testimony during arbitration, depositions or court proceedings. The data provided by HSNO helps decide what monetary compensation is due to the employee if it is proven that wrongful dismissal did occur.

HSNO analyzes and measures the economic damages that affect an employee’s livelihood, including lost wages, lost profits, payroll tax payments and health insurance premiums that would have been paid by the employer.

After the investigation process, a financial analysis is prepared that profiles the employee’s economic situation. This information is used to project the future losses due to the wrongful termination.

The financial nuances of this process require the involvement of seasoned professionals.  With years of experience in forensic accounting, and the successful completion of many similar cases, HSNO’s accountants and consultants offer the ingenuity and keen meticulousness to sift through complex financial data and deliver evidentiary reports for our clients.