handcuffed manThe effects of robbery, theft or any other form of crime on a business can be detrimental. HSNO’s forensic experts are there to help businesses pick up the pieces after such events by providing excellent financial insight throughout the insurance claims process. At HSNO our team of experienced professionals review claims for everything from financial institution bond coverage to commercial crime policy and fidelity. In this role we study, categorize, and verify the financial package to ensure accuracy during the data analysis process. HSNO upholds integrity, fairness and accuracy at all times.

Whether the claim stems from some sort of computer fraud, forgery or alteration, each case is distinctly different and loss exposures can vary significantly depending on the industry. Our experienced team at HSNO is aware that in order to fully understand your situation you need as much information as possible. Therefore, we investigate the environment surrounding the original fraudulent activity, be it employee misappropriation or embezzlement, and study the practices that allowed the behavior to happen in the first place. This includes an analysis of any negligent safeguards and an examination of books and computer records that have possibly been concealed. We also assess weaknesses in the internal accounting controls, which allows us to evaluate where the employee was able to gain access to the resources.

The professionals at HSNO diligently sort through electronic data and research material in order to uncover all possible evidence. We are experienced and able to navigate the complicated process of asset tracing and recovery. In addition, we provide intelligence gathering, which provides you with even the smallest of details, allowing you to use them at your discretion.  Our forensic team maintains a large network of experts in a wide variety of fields. This extensive coverage enables us to deliver the most precise financial data to our clients.