House insurance

When property damage or delay occurs at a company—whether from natural disaster, construction delay or business interruption—HSNO leverages our financial and investigative aptitude to value the resulting total financial loss. Businesses rely upon the property they use to operate which is why many have insurance to protect themselves if operations stall. In these situations, we identify the impact on operations when their property is not able to perform as needed.

HSNO specializes in seven key areas for property insurance claims:

  • Business Interruption
  • Catastrophes
  • Construction
  • Delayed Start Up
  • Extra Expense
  • Property Damage
  • Subrogation

In all these contexts, we analyze historical income data, the current financial condition of the business, and future operating projections to present a substantiated claim on how the business is affected due to the property loss. During this process we also review the insurance claim, interview key stakeholders within the firm, determine which events were responsible for the loss, and review current industry trends and reports.

The method is thorough and analytical. Our forensic accountants are not only equipped with the financial skills to expertly assess the value of loss, but also the investigative skills to review data, identify trends and find connections.

When all our work is completed, loss adjusters and insurers use our appraisal of property damage to complete the insurance claim process, knowing they can rely upon the integrity and commitment of HSNO’s forensic accountants.