man and woman signing contract paperHSNO’s team of forensic accountants excels in conducting complex investigations into accounting procedures that require exact measurement of financial damages. Insurance claims issues become even more complicated for subrogation cases. We understand that a successful claim settlement for the insurer and the insured depends on a fair and careful analysis of complex insurance, economic, and accounting issues. In every situation, we endorse integrity, fairness, and respect for all parties involved.

Insurance professionals enlist the assistance of HSNO when a third-party makes a claim. In these cases HSNO gives insight to insurers regarding subrogation potential. These business interruption or profit loss cases can be complex and controversial. There is a difference between standard first-party property losses and cases where recovery is sought through subrogation. The experience and reporting precision of HSNO professionals ensures the damages are accurately represented during litigation. Forensic accounts are critical in presenting evidence for a winning case in these instances.

HSNO’s accountants have demonstrated their capabilities to manage subrogation cases for our clients time over time. Through detailed investigation, accurate reporting, and service-oriented follow-up, our clients receive the very best in every situation. Time is of the essence in these cases, and HSNO makes it a top priority to not only deliver great work, but address the time sensitiveness of the work.

As a dedicated forensic accounting firm, HSNO has worked with a variety of cases. This expansive case load increases our accountants’ knowledge of the big picture as well as specific solutions for each unique claim. We takes pride in our remarkable response time, anytime and anywhere, and have found we run into fewer conflicts of interest throughout the year.

Our professionals are passionate and dedicated to their line of work. From the first client engagement to the final resolution, HSNO accountants deliver premier customer service and generate top-notch results. They can’t be beat.