BusinessmanAs a leader in forensic accounting and consulting services, HSNO leverages its strong reputation in the industry to provide excellent service for its clients. With experience in a variety of insurance cases—from personal injury to delayed startup to crime and fidelity—HSNO’s team of forensic accountants are equipped with a thorough understanding of insurance claims and the varying components that come into play. As a part of our insurance offerings, HSNO lends our expertise during investigations in a variety of reviews, including policyholder reviews, income protection, pre-loss reviews and reinsurance reviews.

  • During policyholder reviews HSNO determines if a policyholder’s operational and financial processes will negatively impact their effectiveness. We conduct interviews with key personnel and perform a thorough investigation into the accounting records.
  • HSNO’s income protection services provide clients with the value of an individual’s income and earnings, which is particularly helpful when reviewing and quantifying various life and disability claims. As experts in insurance policy language, we confirm the definition of income is compliant with the policy’s definition.
  • Pre-loss reviews are beneficial for clients in order to give them a full picture of potential loss scenarios. HSNO interviews key management, evaluates market trends, and analyzes the company’s financial documents to determine the potential impact and estimate the loss of sales in the case of a business interruption.
  • While conducing reinsurance reviews HSNO collaborates with insurers, reinsurers, reinsurance consultants and lawyers. As forensic accountants our role is to determine the total claim between parties based on the available financial data. Additionally, HSNO offers consultation on the financial components within a reinsurance agreement to ensure compliance by all parties.

The scope of services provided by HSNO’s team of forensic accountants and consultants is wide, including the extent of knowledge we bring to the varying review cases. Backed by years of experience in the industry, HSNO clients continually receive superior service and results.