income increaseAs a part of quantifying Business Income loss, HSNO conducts pre-loss reviews to prevent surprises for each party. Leveraging our vast experience, we analyze many different factors to predict scenarios that may result in potential loss. This process includes interviewing key management and personnel to appraise how a company would be impacted from a business interruption case. As a part of this evaluation, we analyze the market dynamics and trends related to the particular industry as well as the company’s financial documents, including income statements, budgets, and historical sales to conclude the estimated sales that would be lost in the case of a business interruption.

Calculating loss revenue can be complicated. We tailor our measurements based on the company’s line of work, as well as loss in production, orders, or sales. In this process it’s critical to deliver accurate data regarding correlation between the loss of sales and the case of interruption. HSNO’s technical expertise guarantees our clients receive accurate and timely information to aid in their insurance claims cases.

Just like our timely analyzing and reporting for insurance claims issues, HSNO professionals provide quick and accurate reviews. We are diligent in asking the right questions and drawing accurate conclusions. Our clients are served by the best forensic accountants in the industry. They are dedicated to these types of cases and as a result have ample experience to deliver the best results.