ArbitrationAs forensic accountants, we are familiar and comfortable with legal issues and procedures. We have extensive experience in arbitration processes and aim to resolve disputes as quickly as possible. Our goal is to resolve your dispute with minimal interruption to your life.

In any arbitration process, arbitrators address not only liability issues, but also the financial impact to the persons involved. Here at HSNO, we use our extensive experience in researching and analyzing claims for damages. Our aim is to reach the best possible outcome.

While most people will think to use lawyers for these services, most often lawyers may not be cognizant of the experience of a forensic accountant. As forensic accountants, we offer invaluable service in examining and analyzing the damages claimed. We also aim to evaluate these things in the early stages of your dispute, so the process can go as smoothly as possible from the very beginning. Our services include consultation on disclosure of documents as well as reviewing the damages claimed.

It is important to note that our knowledge and expertise are much different from accountants who do typical tax work and auditing. We are comfortable in working with incomplete, and often disorganized, records. We work hard to research every possible approach and are knowledgeable in a wide range of record keeping practices, business records, and computer systems.  We are much more than the standard accountant; our forensic accountants are investigators as well.