Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts seriesInvestment treaties between different countries are agreements ascertaining the terms and conditions for private investment by nationals and companies of one state in another state. The distinguishing feature of many Bilateral Investment Treaties is that they permit for an alternative dispute resolution method. For example, an investor whose rights under the treaty have been violated could have a right to international arbitration. Bilateral Investment Treaties and Multinational Investment Treaties (such as the Energy Charter Treaty, NAFTA, and ASEAN) offer eligible foreign investors protection against state interference. The investment treaties typically allow investors to bring claims against the Host State for breaches of the treaty.

HSNO is experienced in assisting with arbitration in these settings, providing financial advice and expert testimony as necessary. It is our job to retain, examine, and interpret intricate financial and business related concerns. We will investigate and analyze financial evidence, and assist in the analysis and presentation of evidence. Once this is completed, we provide testimony in court as expert witnesses. We may communicate our findings through reports, collections of documents, exhibits, or any other forums that will best communicate our findings. We are there to provide the evidence we have found in support of your claims, and explain them in a way that is easily understandable to those outside our field. We will use visual aids and whatever means necessary to explain our findings in the easiest way possible.

As forensic accountants, we are familiar and comfortable with legal issues and procedures. We have extensive experience in arbitration processes and investment treaties. Our goal is to resolve your dispute with minimal interruption to your life.