Copyright HighlightOverview

Under intellectual property law, owners are granted rights to a variety of creative properties. Most include artistic works such as musical and literary pieces. Some examples of intellectual property rights are trademarks and copyrights.

What we do:

As experienced professionals, we have extensive knowledge in Intellectual Property transactions and litigation. We carry with us years of experience in Intellectual Property strategies and assessments of a diverse group of clients. We offer expert analysis and opinions in intellectual property disputes, including any potential damages owed.

In cases involving economic intellectual property rights (IPR) or infringement damages, an analysis requires an understanding of the financial books and records of both the IPR owner and alleged infringer. HSNO’s forensic and investigative accountants have the necessary combination of research and interviewing skills, as well as the training and experience to provide accurate estimates of economic damages.

Because our reviews must comply with Federal Rule of Evidence 703 and may also be subject to a Daubert challenge, HSNO’s professionals are skilled at:

  • Depending upon the principles of GAAP to develop and defend logical conclusions
  • Working with incomplete data
  • Presenting those findings in a clear and concise matter

As experts, we develop an unbiased opinion of economic damages by reviewing the document production, which normally involves a great amount of data in IPR engagements. Our detailed analyses have frequently helped form the foundations for debate and, ultimately, resolution. Experience is necessary to accurately identify the financial information necessary for translating abstract economic theories into factually supported positions.

The basis of opinion will be predicated upon the current and potential product market, relevant cost, profit structures of the germane product, financial results surrounding the infringement period, and financial models developed by the experts.

Also, it is important that the quantification of the financial damages does not double-count damages between various categories of the presentation.

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