Complaint (претензия). Печать и оттискThe staff at HSNO staff has worked on a broad range of complex global product liability and recall situations in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical device, chemical and distribution industries. With such a wide range of experience, we understand that consumers have unsaid expectations for their products to not only work, but also to be safe.  In instances where a defective product harms consumers, then there is cause for them to pursue legal action.

A consumer may bring a lawsuit against the responsible parties for the defective product and seek monetary compensation for any damage that they have suffered. In these instances, suppliers, retailers, and even manufacturers and distributors can be held responsible. Consumers can seek anything from pain and suffering compensation to lost wages that resulted from any type of injury received from the product.

Safe products should be the goal of any manufacturer; however, HSNO understands that even with the best intentions, and good risk management, sometimes product liability and recalls can happen. Important areas to understand when dealing with product liability are design defects, manufacturing defects, and insufficient warning materials.  Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and all those with the potential to be held liable should be aware of their possible exposure.

Product liability can be unpredictable and end up causing the defendant a lot of money. While these issues often start with defective products, they can expand when the media and public get involved, especially if social media outlets are used.  These added risks can leave manufacturers dealing with a lot. With years of experience, HSNO’s forensic accounting team is extremely knowledgeable about these matters.  Our team delivers a reasonable calculation of physical damages, lost profits, extra expense, recall and rehabilitation costs. By quickly understanding and assuming control of the situation in a straightforward manner, damages can be lessened and public perception can often be mobilized in the proper direction.

With offices around the world and experts well versed in the intricacies of dealing with product liability and recall, HSNO can (depending on the parameters of the assignment) immediately respond with a forensic accounting team that best matches the requirements of the individual situation.