Group of young architects on siteAnytime you are in the process of designing or building a structure—whether it’s a home, office building, or shopping mall—the task can be time-consuming and plans can change at any moment. At HSNO our experienced team of accounting, technology, and digital forensics professionals want to make sure that despite all the changes and disruptions that may take place when a building is being prepared for occupancy, we are looking out for your financial best interest.  Whether you are adding a room onto your home or erecting a multi-floor office building, we have you covered.

When there is a large construction project, contractors anticipate that they will follow predefined guidelines and stick to a specific schedule. The expectation is that if they complete the task they will be paid a certain amount. If you’ve ever remodeled your home or worked in the construction industry, then you know that this is not what typically happens. Delays and unexpected price changes can happen for a multitude of reasons such as supply shortages, poor or unattended job scheduling, or even adverse weather conditions. It is not uncommon for there to be tension between subcontractors and construction crews over issues such as performance, timeliness, tidiness, and price increases. Litigation is often a last resort, but there are undoubtedly times when both parties feel committed to their point of view. Therefore, at HSNO we recommend that you have your financial house in order—and we can help you do just that.

Whether it is residential or commercial construction, our experts will prepare documents that will assess the financial profit loss and economic implications due to your construction woes. HSNO can evaluate the project costs to calculate cost overruns, review for fraudulent and duplicated costs, and audit labor and overhead costs to assure contract compliance. We can also analyze contract disputes, changes and terminations.