successo professionaleHSNO’s forensic consultants and accountants dedicated to legal services find themselves providing financial and accounting assistance for many employment law cases. This broad area of law encompasses nearly everything dealing with employer and employee relations. It consists of thousands of Federal and state statutes, judicial decisions and administrative regulations, all of which specify the rights for each party.

Employment law regulates issues dealing with discrimination, wages and hours, hiring and firing, harassment, disability accommodation, employee benefits, unemployment compensation, non-compete and health and safety. HSNO is particularly well suited in providing forensic services for these wrongful termination cases.

Our specialists help navigate the nuances of employment law cases. The human component between employee and employer makes these cases even more complex. With ample success at managing the specifics of these cases, HSNO knows the right approach and strategy. As the law continues to evolve in this area, it’s important to leverage the support of experienced professionals like HSNO.

By integrating financial and accounting aptitude with investigate and reporting skills, we are equipped to assist our clients—from lawyers to employees to large corporations or government and law enforcement agencies—to determine if fraudulent or unfair activity has occurred. Often, cases come down to the employee’s word against the employer’s word. HSNO provides unbiased data to shed light on the facts and financials behind the case at hand.

Our trained forensics will trace funds, analyze financial data, interview key stakeholders and deliver in-depth and accurate reports for litigation, or testify when necessary. With years of experience, we know the right places to look and the best questions to ask to generate a helpful and accurate picture of the problem at hand.

Some examples include providing financial analysis and data tracking for cases where employees claim unlawful or incorrect payment as well as when employees claim wrongful termination. Our team of professionals is called in to investigate the situation and report on our findings.