Fired businesswoman holding box of her thingsHSNO’s forensic accountants are leveraged by attorneys during employment law cases dealing with wrongful termination. Employees who argue that the reason for their termination was illegal may file a wrongful termination lawsuit against their employer. As a part of this process, forensic accountants are brought on to determine the impact of economic damages. HSNO is a trusted partner in these cases, continually delivering reliable and useful data during litigation, and even serving as expert witnesses.

When consulting for wrongful termination cases, HSNO analyzes and measures the economic damages that affect an employee’s livelihood. This includes lost wages, lost profits, payroll tax payments and health insurance premiums that would have been paid by the employer. Areas to consider include earnings history, earnings statements, royalties and fringe benefits.

A financial analysis is prepared that incorporates all of these factors to create a profile of the employee’s historical earnings. This information is used to project the future losses due to the wrongful termination. Simply put, we arrive at this final calculation by first determining the individual’s projected earnings before the termination. Then we deduct the individual’s actual and or projected earnings and probable course of the future subsequent to the event.

There are many financial nuances in this process that should only be trusted to seasoned professionals. With years of experience in forensic accounting, and the successful completion of many cases, HSNO’s highly trained professionals offer the ingenuity and keen meticulousness to sift through complex financial data and deliver evidentiary reports for litigation. All reports are accurate, unbiased, and defensible.

And as a dedicated forensic firm, all HSNO accountants focus entirely on forensic cases. This means there is no distraction when tax season approaches, and we continue to improve and develop best practices as we are entrenched in the industry of forensic accounting.