One of the most common forms of fraud and financial loss occurring in businesses today is the misappropriation of company assets. As companies become larger and more complex, it becomes harder and harder to detect fraud schemes. Even the simplest schemes can be accidentally overlooked, yet their effects can produce a significant amount of lost revenue.

The HSNO Forensic Accountants understand and deal with many types of misappropriation schemes on a daily basis. Our experience with this type of fraud allows us to quickly identify anything from basic skimming techniques to more complicated schemes like fraudulent billing schemes. If you suspect that there has been any misappropriation of funds within your company, our Certified Public Accountants, data analytics experts, and investigators are highly qualified to search out any suspicious behavior on the books and identify any fraud that has occurred. We are able to determine how the fraud originated, help you understand your actual and potential losses, discover weaknesses that may have allowed the fraud to take place, and assist in taking remedial action.

In addition to helping with any misappropriation fraud, HSNO can also provide your company with fraud prevention consulting, ways to detect fraud at an early stage, and a means of identifying anomalies in vendor and procurement data and other issues that occur in data mining large transactional datasets. Whatever the issue is, HSNO is available to provide cost effective solutions for your company. We understand the financial impact past fraud can have on your company, which is why we help you to identify fraud and do anything we can to help you prevent future losses.

Our highly trained and experienced staff is available to assist you at short notice and help you solve any fraud issues in a timely and efficient manner. Fraud needs to be addressed as soon as it is suspected or alleged to ensure the least amount of losses for your company, and HSNO is here to do just that.