Lost walletWhen your business has been mistreated or taken advantage of by another business, you deserve some sort of monetary compensation. It is during these times that civil litigation is often a very helpful solution to help companies iron out all disputes and work through money damages. At HSNO our team of experienced and dedicated forensic accountants have widespread experience working with businesses going through the civil litigation and liability matters process.

Our team will assess fair and reasonable damages. We focus on calculating damages in relationship to specific incidents. We will evaluate the extent of the damages and then quantify any loss-related events that could affect future business endeavors. In order to ensure accurate, useful, and up-to-date information, we perform a thorough, detailed review of the company’s operational and financial records.

To obtain a full understanding of what is going on, we interview executive staff and others that are in key management roles. Once we meet with key executives we can compare the projected performance with where the company really is and see if there are any trends in business and market share. Additionally, we identify instances where the business could have mitigated losses by purchasing from alternative sources or outsourcing certain services.

Our primary goal is make sure that you feel supported and informed as we work through this process. We aim to gather all of the evidence necessary in order to support your case.