Driver Suffering From Whiplash After Traffic CollisionIn cases of personal injury and wrongful death many insurers need help defending themselves from the plaintiff. The specific legal technicalities vary from state to state, but some states allow anyone who suffered financially from the death of a loved one to bring a wrongful death action for lost care. Depending on the state, sometimes it doesn’t matter if the person is related by blood or marriage. When this sort of claim comes up, the forensic accountants at HSNO specialize in putting together the documents that you need to ensure your financial records are in tiptop shape.  Since these cases involve death or serious injury, emotions are often raging. Our team of experienced professionals work tirelessly to assist insurers by defending them against inflated claims presented by plaintiffs.

We prepare documents that analyze increased business costs (if you needed replacement workers), estimate economic factors which may affect income levels, analyze loss of employer-sponsored benefit package, and assess future care costs and dependency factors. Figuring out economic loss can be challenging, but we use various balance sheets and other auditing software to help us quantify a clear assessment of economic losses.

The reasons for wrongful death and personal injury cases are myriad. From airplane accidents, to medical malpractice, to a freak gas explosion, to the consumption of tainted goods, wrongful deaths and personal injuries often result from carelessness. At HSNO we know that these cases require specialized investigative and accounting services.

At HSNO our commitment to you is to put together documents for you that will compile the financial data you need in a user-friendly report. We promise to offer a comprehensive plan that your business and legal counsel can go through together and use as a tool to enhance your strategy.