Men's hands with calculatorThe team at HSNO has worked with many different types of subrogation. Our professionals usually deal with cases involving loss of profits, extra expenses, inventory losses, and physical losses. In order to make sure that what is rightfully yours ends up in your hands, our experts spend a lot of time reviewing the relevant contracts. Often the most crucial part of subrogation is determining who the guarantee is and what they are legally supposed to provide the guarantor.

Subrogation is considered an equitable remedy. That means that it is often used in civil law in order to determine rights or impose penalties. We know that the outcome is serious and therefore our professionals work with subrogation attorneys to make sure that we have a fair assessment of the total damages despite insurance coverage.

One of the offerings that sets our team apart is that we provide demonstrative exhibits, detailed documents, PowerPoint presentations, rebuttals, or anything that you need to help you work with financial counselors or potential witnesses. In the past we have been asked to provide testimony for cross-examination, and we have also provided legal professionals with calculations and analysis that they have found helpful.  Ultimately, we’re interested in the financial impact subrogation will have on your business.