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The Importance Of Relationships – Growing HSNO Atlanta

The Importance of Relationships – Growing HSNO Atlanta

From Robbie Brannon, HSNO Partner in Atlanta

We love what we do. Loving what we do is the main factor that has kept me and Max in this business for close to 20 years. We chose to lead HSNO’s Atlanta office because we believed in the opportunities available with this firm both in our careers and in how we could best help our clients and we haven’t been disappointed. We find our work very interesting as we are able to utilize as part of our work, in addition to our accounting training, industry knowledge and overall experience.

A key component to the success of HSNO’s Atlanta office has been the way we view the relationships we have with our clients. They are personal, we genuinely care. We do not restrict our interaction with our clients to the standard “work lunch”, but enjoy time with them on the golf course, or at a sports event, or another mutually enjoyable event, when allowable by the particular insurance company. In this way we foster longstanding, meaningful relationships built on a solid foundation of excellent, professional work.

We look forward to continuing to grow the Atlanta practice and assist in the incorporation of various protocols that we have found to be successful into HSNO as whole. It is our goal to contribute whatever successes that we have achieved into the firm, especially as HSNO expands from North America and the United Kingdom to around the globe.